Friday, October 7, 2016

World Habitat Day

The World Habitat Day was celebrated today by Faculty of Engineering and Technology at GNA University,Phagwara, by organizing a technical seminar on the topic – “INTELLIGENT CITY & SUSTAINABLE LIFE”. Engineers and other dignitaries from different faculties took part in the event. Er .M.P.Singh was the chief guest of this event and he stressed to  pay a great attention towards the need of better shelter all over the world and to share the priority of affordable and adequate housing everywhere.On this occasion, four  papers were also presented . The Vice Chancellor,Dr.Prem Kumar,GNA University,stressed on the colonizers should come together and implement the concept of land pooling which will prove beneficial information of the housing schemes and advised students to produce a environment friendly society where people love to sustain after 100s of year.
Dr P.Thareja(The Dean of FET) stressed on “ To raise awareness about the need for affordable housing for all in urban areas, towns and cities”. Dr.R.K.Maheswari ,the chief speaker of this event also  presented her papers on “ENGINEERING ECONOMICS” and also  guided the students to get involved with their local habitat for humanity, there is always a great  need of  more hands to come up with  proper housing .During the seminar, all the speakers stressed on the government  schemes which can provide maximum number of houses to accomodate the largest part of population. Er Yogesh Kalia ,CEO,Medhaavi Group also focused on automotive technology to make greenish society and advanced automotive technology for sustainable mobility (BS4 to BS6 update).It was a very knowledgeable seminar.

Technical Quiz Competition

GNA Builders’ Coop Club of Faculty of Engineering & Technology at GU organized a Technical Quiz competition under the guidance of Dr. P. Thareja (Dean FET), on September 6, 2016. There were 61 students from B-Tech Civil Engineering and Diploma Civil Engineering who participated in it. This event was organized on the occasion of World habitat Day Celebration. The winner students were Chandrika Pradhan from Civil Engineering 3rd Semester stood first and Ravi kumar from Civil Engineering 3rd Semester secured a position of runner up.It was highly applauded by staff members as well as students.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Workshop on Cake Decoration

The resource person, Chef  Vinod Polka is a very experienced and skilled professional bakery chef has been running his bakery since 1977 under the name Polka Pastry shop in Chandigarh. He is a senior bakery faculty at CIHM. He taught  how to make the vegetable puffs, other snacks from puffs, garlic bread,  decorate chocolate cake,  vanilla cake, pineapple pastries, make roses of fondant by different methods. It was a very knowledgeable session.

Monday, September 19, 2016


A guest lecture on "INNOVATIVE MODEL MAKING" under the technical project JOY OF ENGINEERING was arranged by Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
Students from B.Tech -Mechanical Engineering (Semester-1), Mechatronics (Semester-1), Mechanical and Automation Engineering (Semester-1) and ECE (Semester-1) attended this guest lecture.

Mr. Karan Arora,CEO,Itronix Solutions, Jalandhar along with Mr. Amardeep Singh (Mechanical Design Engineer at Itronix Solutions),and Mr.Niraj Kumar (Engineer at Itronix Solutions) were the invited experts and they explained the students about basic concepts of automation and its applications in industry  and how students can make their unique projects in Web Server based  automation.  Many live experiments were demonstrated for the students for better understanding on the Aurdino Platform (Hardware-software) which provided the students a real exposure and a vision to learn more in the area of automation and IoT.. 

The students found this session very interesting and cleared their queries about making projects on automation.

Faculty of Design and Innovation Welcomed Students of B.Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering

More than 60 students of 1st year B.Tech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering of Faculty of Design and Innovation attended a seminar on The Current Industrial Trends and Technologies and The on Growth of New Technologies in the Field of Mechanical, Mechatronics and Automation. The students were familiarized with the concept of automated manufacturing in the form of CNC technology. The students learnt about the CAD, CAM, CAE, RPT, PLMS, Reverse Engineering and the subsequent change which these technologies have brought into the manufacturing sector. The students were also enlightened about the upcoming “Industry 4.0” revolution that will involve technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in developing hybrid manufacturing systems with advanced Human-Robotic Interactions. It was proved fruitful for all the students.

Aptitude Test – Young India Challenge

Faculty of Liberal Arts organised a national  aptitude test  Young India Challenge with the help of Career Launcher at GU.More than 850 students participated in it.Mr Anshul Wadhwa Director Regional Branch (Career Launcher) also paid his kind visit during the conduction of the test.

Friday, September 16, 2016

“Drug-o-Mania"- A Nukkad Natak staged @ GNA University

The dramatis personae from Punjabi University staged a Nukkad Natak at GNA University on the dangers involved in drugs consumption and also in its trade. The show was witnessed by a large number of students in the presence of faculty members. The play warned about the outcomes of consuming drugs and other matters of intoxication, the pain it afflicts on its consumers is thousand times greater that the vicarious pleasure it offers. The actors presented different situations where the menace of drugs has consumed the lives of both its takers and traders also. It is like a live bomb which will certainly explode, sooner or later. The only way to escape from it is to stay away from it and also prevent your dear ones to go near it. The message was clearly conveyed to the youth who appreciated the content of the play and acting of the performers who grabbed the attention of the audience with their energetic performance.